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Kirra Point is a destination of balance. A place where the natural lure of the Gold Coast coastline and its shimmering turquoise waters meets with professionally designed wellness experiences. 

From easy hair treatments to indulgent all day spa rituals to nourishing yoga that renew balance, Kirra Point melts away the everyday ho-hum, creating the opportunity to renew.

Mindful Movement


Balance Yoga Studios

Every breath has a purpose. Every movement is a moment to release or strengthen. Every thought is a tool in your resilience belt. 

Kirra Point offers easy access to a variety of yoga and pilates studios, all within walking distance.

Yoga Kirra: Deva Co

2/1 Musgrave Street - 5 minutes walk

Deva Co is designed to build a nurturing and empowering community around the journey of parenthood. This wellness spa is made especially for babymooners and new mothers. 

Dee and her highly experienced colleagues offer guidance, education and nurturing wellness experiences across varying modalities. 

Reclaim your body through pre and post-natal yoga flows. Calm your mind through guided meditation. Help your body prepare for or heal from the birthing journey through massage. 

Build positivity and confidence around your pre and post-natal journey at Deva Co.

Yoga Kirra: Co-Habitat

1 Musgrave Street - 5 minutes walk

Co-Habitat is founded on the basis that the road of wellness is endless. It often begins with the thought that you might like to feel better, then expands into a path of self discovery and growth. 

Co-Habitat offers yoga and movement for every type of body. Release the body and mind with the slow bends of yin yoga or strengthen with stretch class.

Build a foundation of movement knowledge or visit one of the shared wellness space’s talented practitioners for acupuncture, quantum healing, energetic therapy, chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments and advice.

Yoga Kirra: Coolangatta Yoga Centre

124 Marine Parade - 18 minutes walk

Loved by locals, Coolangatta Yoga Centre is a multidisciplinary wellness centre renowned for its holistic approach. 

How does yoga awaken the metabolism? How does meditation boost the immune system? How can an ancient mantra take your mindful movement practice to the next level?

Join an acoustic kirtan session to learn sacred yoga mantras that will awaken your spiritual self and deepen your meditation practice.  

Ground yourself in a hatha yoga flow or release tension in a yin yoga class with experienced teachers like Kim, Darlene and Carolyn that all have more than 10 years of wellbeing movement instruction under their belt.

Making Headway


Maverick Hair & Art

Feeling well isn’t always about movement or meditation. A luxury salon experience feels indulgent and a fresh cut creates a confidence that feeds into our actions.

Kirra Beauty: The Barberoy

25a Mclean Street - 8 minutes walk

Is there any greater feeling than that of a perfectly executed, traditional barber cut and shave? 

In a trendy, carriage style space styled with pressed metal and old wood floors, retro-inspired barber’s seats invite just two clients at a time for an experience in Barberoy chic.

Precision cuts, old-school close shaves and expert styling add a little pep to your holiday look and have you returning home feeling sharp.

Kirra Beauty: Maverick Hair and Art Space

17 Griffith Street - 10 minutes walk

So much more than a place to come searching for dream hair, Maverick combines luxury, award-winning hair treatments with a beachside, open plan art space and acupuncture studio.

Whether you are seeking a traditional trim or something a little edgier, take a seat and watch the transformation unfold in the mirror then peruse the original artwork.

Sharing the Maverick space, Being Acupuncture helps people find natural solutions for health issues through Japanese style acupuncture and cupping. 

One space benefits the body, confidence and artistic eye.

Kirra Spa: Endota Day Spa

72-80 Marine Parade - 10 minutes walk

Located within The Strand Shopping Centre is a little oasis of calming spaces, therapeutic hands and premium spa products. 

Endota Spa offers an extensive menu of massages, facial treatments, beauty therapies and rejuvenating spa packages designed to relax and rebalance. 

Body scrubs and wraps, pedicures and spray tans, professional facials and soothing remedial massages are offered in between moments of relaxation in the spa lounge.

Whether you seek a moment to yourself or a transformative experience, Endota Spa has a treatment for you.

Kirra Spa: Ella Baché

154 Griffith Street - 16 minutes walk

With origins in Paris, Ella Baché focuses on nourishing skin through premium products, professional treatments and elevated clinical applications like electrolysis. 

Ensure you take that holiday glow home with a brightening facial, rebalance skin on your entire body with a deep cleansing or exfoliating treatment or surrender to the hot stones of a massage. 

Begin with a skin diagnosis before being treated with a bespoke spa experience tailored to your individual needs. 

Some Like it Hot


Native State

Heat therapy has been used since ancient times. It stems from a sacral and symbolic meaning associated with the healing power of the sun. 

Whether applied to water, a steam room or sauna the healing and relaxation benefits of heat therapy continue to remain a foundation of modern wellbeing practices.

Kirra Spa: Native State

3/2 Creek Street - 17 minutes walk

Native State (https://nativestate.com.au/philosophy/) is a wellbeing space where luxury, wellbeing and peak performance coexist in perfect harmony. 

There is a sense of ancient ceremony to surrendering to the therapeutic mist of a steam room or plunging in the Bathhouse - like you could be transported to roman baths.

Balance energy input and output and release the bounds of human performance with professional fitness coaching and heated recovery in the one space. 

Sculpt the body, re-align the mind. Find your native state.

Ground Yourself


Ground Currumbin

Kirra Wellbeing Community: Ground Currumbin

2 Village Way, Currumbin - 21 minutes drive

Ground Currumbin is a wellness village, where everything from the freshest produce to gut health professionals are at home in the lush greenery of Currumbin. 

The Ground Grocer connects farmers directly to consumers. The Mind and Gut Clinic offers acupuncture, Chinese medicine and naturopathy. Pasture and Co. is a family friendly cafe specialising in fresh, local and organic menus.

Don’t forget to visit Sea HQ to participate in educational workshops, eco tours and movies about off the grid living. 

Ground Currumbin is a village where the wellbeing minded are always welcome.

With ocean fresh breezes ready to revitalise, a network of gifted therapists and mindful movement studios within minutes walk, integrating wellness into your Kirra Point holiday is easy.

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