Walks and Cycles to Remember

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There is no better way to explore the authentically, laidback Kirra Point neighbourhood than by strapping on your walking shoes or bicycle helmet. 

Speak with our Reception team to equip yourself with holiday wheels. Or leave the pedals behind and let your feet be your guide. 

This curated guide to Kirra’s best walks and rides puts Kirra Hill lookout, Chris Cunningham Park, Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse and other Kirra Point landmarks on show.

Not to mention the seemingly endless aqua horizon. Azure Pacific Ocean views as far as the horizon stretches. 

Bring the camera. Tie your laces. Let’s explore.


Kirra Queensland

Kirra Queensland: Kirra Hill Lookout

20 minutes walk (return)

Kirra Hill Lookout is a short but spectacular walk or ride. 

Whether you're searching for Kirra Beach things to do or a quick morning outing, Kirra Hill Lookout delivers.

Follow Marine Parade, enjoying the pristine endless summer colour palette of Kirra Beach sprawled out in front of you. 

A lush green memorial park greets you at the top of Kirra Hill Lookout

This elevated apex offers panoramic views across Kirra’s stunning stretch of beaches. 

Golden sands bleed into the light azure of the shallow ocean before the Pacific’s deep blue ombre draws your eyes to the horizon. The shadowy silhouette of the Gold Coast cityscape is just a whisper seemingly at the edge of the earth.

Watch families play in the sand or surfers line up to catch the next break. 

To the right, Coolangatta Beach stretches until it meets Rainbow Bay. The gentle curve of the coast is a reminder of the constant movement of the ocean beyond.

Kirra Gold Coast: Snapper Rocks Walk

1 hour walk (return)

Kirra Point to Snappers Rocks is the perfect distance to work out your walking or cycling muscles and take a dip in world famous waters along the way. 

From Marine Parade find your way onto the Gold Coast Oceanway. The Oceanway is 36 kilometres of shared cycle and pedestrian paths along the iconic Gold Coast coastline. 

Watch the life of Kirra at its most authentic - people walking to the beach, surfboard under arm and local pups wagging their tails in the sunshine. 

You’ll pass cafes on one side and the pristine sands and ocean views of Coolangatta and Greenmount Beach on the other. 

Stop in at Rainbow Bay Lookout for photo-worthy, elevated ocean views, in the shade of the Norfolk pines. 

Just past Apex Park you’ll find Snapper Rocks, its iconic rock wall and azure ocean views. 

Dive in to cool off before making your way home.

Gold Coast Kirra: Chris Cunningham Park Walk

1 hour walk (return)

Beach views. Art installations. History. For this Kirra walk or ride, you’ll need a pair of good shoes and an oar!

From Kirra Point, turn onto Marine Parade and then the Gold Coast Oceanway for uninterrupted ocean views. 

Turn right when you reach Clark Street and follow it onto Wharf Street until the rolling green lawns of Chris Cunningham Park extend in front of you. 

Stop by the statues of children staring up at the Australian flag, frozen forever in a state of metal. Imagine the hours of work the artist spent creating their individual expressions. 

Take a moment to pay homage at the memorial to the 7th Australian destroyer flotilla - a group of Royal Australian Navy ships that served during 1939-1945. 

Take the kids to the Place of Stories playground before hiring a stand up paddle board or kayak and gliding across the calm waters of the protected Tweed River inlet. 

Walk. Paddle. Make memories.


Point Danger

Kirra Qld: Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse

1 hour and 10 minutes walk (return)

This walk encompasses some of our favourite beaches and an elevated view from Point Danger that pays homage to an intrepid explorer. 

Follow the oceanside pathway past Coolangatta, Greenmount, Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks, Froggies Beach and finally on to Point Danger. 

Here you’ll find a spacious green park with a scenic lookout over the rocks and ocean. 

Steps away you’ll find the seven-storey lighthouse overlooking Lovers Rock Park, Duranbah Beach and the seawall. 

Originally erected to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s voyage to the east coast of Australia on the HMS Endeavour, it undertook a transformation in 1969. 

The expansion incorporated the lighthouse - the first helium-neon laser lighthouse in the world. 

Make this walk an exercise in beach hopping or a story from the history books. 

Kirra Qld: Kirra to Currumbin Walk or Cycle

3 hours walk / 45 minutes cycle (return)

For lovers of the long walk or those who prefer pedal power, the Kirra to Currumbin circuit offers insight into local beach life. 

Begin at our local Kirra Beach, the sound of waves kissing the rocks a soundtrack to the beginning of your journey. 

The easy shared path makes for a casual ride amongst walkers, bikes, skateboards and scooters. Don’t forget the local etiquette of sharing a heartfelt, ‘hello’ along the way.

With music from sidewalk cafes washing out onto the path from the left, to your right one pristine Kirra Beach after another merges together. 

Stop off at Belinga Beach and follow the sandy path through the coastal scrub to the open ocean. Or wait until you reach Tugun Beach and explore Flat Rock to its north.

From here follow the Currumbin Oceanway path through the lush Kropp Park. Pull over in the shade. Let the kids hit the playground. Or pedal over the small bridge into Len Wort Park. 

The canvas of sand and ocean masterpieces to your right doesn’t end as the famous Elephant Rock welcomes you to Currumbin. 

Climb the stairs to the top of the structure and cast your eyes over the beach and back toward the path you’ve just ridden along. Or stop in at Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Lifesaving Club for lunch with a northern view of Currumbin Beach. 

Bathe in Currumbin’s nostalgic atmosphere, watching locals sit on the hoods of their cars and take in the surf action like the scene from a 1970’s surf movie. 

Refuelled and ready to return to Kirra Point, head straight home or choose to stop in at different beaches along the way.

Kirra Qld: Gold Coast Oceanway

8 hours walk (one way) / 4 hours cycle (return)

The ultimate Kirra walk or cycle. The Gold Coast Oceanway is 36 kilometres of pathways that span from the Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse in the south to The Spit at Main Beach in the north. 

To complete the entire circuit, we recommend a one way walk north and then catching a bus or taxi back to Kirra Point, or hire a set of wheels and devote the day to seeing the Gold Coast by bike.

Outside of local Kirra beaches like Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta, Tugun and Currumbin the Gold Coast Oceanway extends north through Palm Beach and into Burleigh Heads National Park. 

A wonderful place for a first stop the National Park is a wild headland with a rocky foreshore to the east and lush rainforest surrounding. You’ll spot white-bellied sea eagles, birdwing butterflies and more. 

Beyond the National Park you can also stop off at North Burleigh Lookout and take in views before cycling past Miami, Nobby, Mermaid, Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise beaches and finally onto the Southport Spit. 

The Spit is a great place to dive into the ocean and cool off, watch surfers master the swell or visit an internationally renowned attraction like Sea World. 

Head home past the same odyssey of beaches or turn inland and ride through some of the Gold Coast’s shopping and suburban areas. 

On foot or on wheels, you’ll uncover Kirra’s authentic heart.

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